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Innovation through combination.

From a single supplier – so simple.

Gentle feeding and a comprehensive inspection. Afterwards, the containers are placed back in the nest without having touched each other. DE.SY.RE, the 3-in-1 combination: De-Nester, inspection machine, and Re-Nester work together flawlessly and are precisely adapted to your needs. DE.SY.RE. From a single supplier. Turnkey. So simple.

Precision at maximum speed.

Up to 36,000 containers per hour

„In the development of the feed system, we made sure that the containers are introduced into the inspection process in a particularly gentle way, i.e. without glass-to-glass contact. This is how we create optimal conditions for the following inspection and the next step in the process.“
Bernhard Huber, PLC Software Developer

One system. Many advantages.

Here are our Top Three:

Prevents glass breakage and thus reduces expensive downtime.

The perfect interaction of all components enables an increase of productivity with optimal quality and minimal product loss.

Three modules, one system – for the best inspection results: Turnkey. From a single supplier.

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